MBC Business Writing Improvement Workshop

Take your writing - and your company's - to the next level in only two hours  with this instructional, inspiring, easy-to-understand presentation.

Presented by Michael Mink
Contributing Writer for Investor’s Business Daily since 1999, 16 years of experience, author of three books.

Writing Success in only two hours!

In the English language, every great work of literature, fiction or non-fiction, every great speech or document, all have one overriding thing in common that you can implement into your own writing. Do you know what that is? (Hint: It’s been there right in front of you your whole life)

Attendees will learn great writing techniques. It will result in the three most important ways great writing benefits companies:

  • Generate more business.
  • Communicate professionally.
  • Shape and deliver better content efficiently in less time.

(Learn all of this and more in only two hours!)

Added Bonus:

Not only an informative writing improvement presentation, but also an exciting talk on life lessons on leadership from the great minds throughout history.

It incorporates the wisdom, philosophy and relevant examples from Michael Mink’s profiles and work on:

Ronald Reagan, John Wooden, Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, Tom Landry, Abraham Lincoln, Gene Roddenberry, Stephen Ambrose, George Lucas, Winston Churchill, Mark Twain, Alfred Hitchcock, Greg Maddux, L.L. Bean, George Patton, John F. Kennedy, Thomas Edison, Steve Wozniak, Michelangelo, Margaret Mead, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Margaret Thatcher


Learning Objectives

  • Putting the power of what total commitment to work for you in writing.
  • Discovering why you already have the tools to be a great writer.
  • Understanding the power and principles of storytelling to use in anything you write.
  • Interjecting life into anything you write.
  • Using the Mink fundamentals and steps to shape your work in less time.
  • How you know when you’re done.
  • The importance of small, uncomplicated things.

Added Bonus:

Staying connected to the presentation principles long after it's over so they become second nature.


Michael Mink is available to speak to your company and group.

His other topics include:

  • Total Commitment: Lessons From The Best of the Best
  • Top Performers: The 10 Characteristics The Most Successful People

Michael Mink draws all of his information from his over 500 profiles on the most successful people from all walks of life.

Michael can also customize a presentation to whatever needs your company has: for example: on Leadership, Management, Coming Back, Overcoming Adversity, How Great Leaders Motivate.

Testimonials about Michael Mink as a writer and speaker:

       powerful insights...

"Michael Mink is a veteran profiler of successful leaders in all fields. He has powerful insights into the common success traits of all victorious people. When Michael writes or speaks, pay close attention. You will come away enriched and challenged."

Pat Williams
Orlando Magic senior vice president /Author of 100’s of books on leadership

       great piece...

Your article on Reagan and Leadership was quite distinct, deeply researched and eloquently written. President Reagan would have totally embraced this great piece while applauding your outstanding work. It has been excellent to be in communication with you.

James F. Kuhn
Personal and Executive Assistant to President Ronald Reagan
Author of "Ronald Reagan In Private."

       motivated and inspired...

"I immediately felt at ease when Michael began to speak about writing. He simplified the concept of writing immediately, which made it attainable for me. He then motivated and inspired me to write about anything I chose to. I felt confident, after listening to Michael speak, that I had a story inside of me to tell. I also learned what structure I needed to apply to my writing."

Tracy Martin, actress, acting coach

       talented and perceptive writer...

"I had an interview with Michael Mink for an Investor’s Business Daily article he was writing. He is an extremely talented and perceptive writer. His work is not only interesting to read but his questions were perceptive and on point. His knowledge of management principles and processes were very impressive. Michael seemed to anticipate what I was thinking and what I had hoped to get across to the reader about principles of leadership and ethics."

Harlan Steinbaum
former chairman of Express Scripts, a Fortune 500 company.

Little things done well is probably the greatest secret to success.

– John Wooden, Basketball Coach